IS en la COP15 en Copenhague: reafirmando las prioridades socialdemócratas

7-8 diciembre 2009

IS en la COP15 en Copenhague: reafirmando las prioridades socialdemócratas

Exchanges and discussions organised by the Socialist International were held at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, 7-18 December, in which a number of delegates, ministers, and some of the Heads of State and Governments present in Copenhagen took part.

These activities, aimed at reaffirming social democratic priorities and perspectives on the key issues on the agenda of the Conference, included meetings, press conferences, discussions with civil society representatives and other exchanges with many of the delegates attending.

At a press conference held at the Bella Center, the COP15 venue, on 16 December, under the title “From a High Carbon Economy to a Low Carbon Society: a global perspective from progressive leaders”, Prime Minister George Papandreou, President of the Socialist International; Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General for Climate Change and former President of Chile, Ricardo Lagos; Belgian Minister of State Elio di Rupo and the SI Secretary General Luis Ayala, highlighted the conclusions and proposals put forward in the Report of the SI Commission for a Sustainable World Society and stressed the need for the Conference to reach substantial agreement on the core issues of emissions reductions by developed countries, commitments on reductions by developing countries and emerging economies, sufficient financial assistance for developing and most vulnerable countries, a target for a maximum of 2C increase in temperature, and the need to move forward to a legally binding agreement.

During the UN Conference, a meeting with delegates, among them a number of Environment Ministers from different regions of the world and other Ministers, was held at the same venue, in which opinions among members of the International were shared on the Conference debates and the negotiations underway, as well as on the expected outcome.

Addressing the COP15 Plenary, Prime Minister Papandreou, after transmitting the concerns and views of the people of Greece and his government on the issues under discussion, also conveyed to the assembly the main proposals of the Socialist International on climate change.

In the context of the Conference, numerous other discussions with Leaders and members of the International took place, including meetings with civil society, among them, a meeting held by the SI President and Secretary General with the Head of Greenpeace International.

Beyond Copenhagen, the Socialist International remains committed to achieving the objectives it has set to face this crucial global challenge for humanity and, in accordance with its previous decisions, will continue through its Commission and the engagement of all to spare no effort in this undertaking.