Resolución sobre Angola

Reunión del Comité Africa de l’Internationale Socialiste, Yaoundé, Camerún 30 de junio-01 de julio de 2000

The Socialist International Africa Committee, meeting on 30 June-1 July 2000 in Yaoundé, notes with concern:

• the persistence of the war in the Republic of Angola due to the intransigence of Jonas Savimbi’s armed group in relation to the implementation of the Lusaka Protocol.

• the involvement of many countries, personalities and organisations in support of the war efforts of armed bandits, in flagrant violation of the relevant UN resolutions, as stated in the Fowler Report.

• that, as a result, the Angolan people are faced with a catastrophic humanitarian situation with close to 3.6 million people displaced or affected by the war and consequently in dire need of humanitarian assistance.

• that the non-implementation of the Lusaka Protocol stipulations creates destabilising conditions in the border regions with their share of refugee problems.

Faced with this situation, the Socialist International Africa Committee:

• supports the efforts of the UN Sanctions Committee aimed at ensuring the implementation of the resolutions on Angola, and at pursuing and sanctioning any violators.

• salutes the efforts of the MPLA and the Angolan Government in ensuring the application of the Lusaka Protocol, in re-instituting the rule of law and in destroying the weaponry of the armed bandits;

• congratulates the Angolan Government for its efforts to assist people displaced and affected by the war;

• calls on the international community to support the Angolan Government in continuing its efforts to assist the Angolan population displaced and affected by the war; and

• finally, the Africa Committee encourages all the members of the Socialist International to organise acts of solidarity with the people of Angola led by the MPLA aimed at securing the strict implementation of the UN resolutions, and the deliberations of SADC, OAU and other international organisations.