Lista de participantes

Reunión del Comité de la IS de Autoridades Locales, Cartaxo, Portugal, 10-11 de septiembre de 1999

Secretary General of the SI

Luis Ayala


Chair of the Committee

Philippe Busquin


Argentina, Popular Socialist Party, PSP

Hermes Binner, Mayor, City of Rosario

Juan Carlos Zabalza, Director of International Relations, City of Rosario

Clorinda Yelicic, MP for City of Buenos Aires


Belgium, Socialist Party, PS

Patrick Moriau, Mayor of Chapelle-Lez-Herlaimont

Laurent Despy, Communications Adviser

Etienne Godin, International Secretary


Finland, Finnish Social Democratic Party

Lasse Eskonen, Deputy Mayor of Tampere

Tapani Hellsten, Deputy Mayor of Hämeenlinna


France, Socialist Party, PS

Robert Bernard, Mayor of Saint Dié-des-Vosges


Great Britain, The Labour Party

Lindsey Hinds, Councillor, Edinburgh


Hungary, Hungarian Socialist Party, MSzP

Monika Lamperth, MP, Vice-President of MSzP


Montenegro, Social Democratic Party of Montenegro, SDPM

Nikola Dajkovic, Deputy Mayor of Podgorica


Morocco, Socialist Union of Popular Forces, USFP

Ben El Cadi Abdelhamid, Head of the Bureau of the Socialist Foundation for Communal Action, Member of the International Relations Bureau of the USFP


Portugal, Socialist Party, PS

António Guterres, Prime Minister of Portugal, General Secretary of the PS

José Lamego, International Secretary

José Manuel Conde Rodrigues, Mayor of Cartaxo, Vice-President of the Committee

João Soares, Mayor of Lisbon, President of the Lisbon Metropolitan Community

Edite Estrela, Mayor of Sintra, President of the Antero de Quental Foundation (for local authorities)

Manuel Lopes Ribeiro, Mayor of Almodôvar

João Benavente, Mayor of Azambuja

Carlos Alberto, City Councillor, Municipality of Azambuja

Armando Alves, Mayor of Ovar

António Magalhães, Mayor of Guimarães

Luís Coelho, Mayor of Faro


Romania, Democratic Party of Romania, PD

Petre Nanu, Mayor of Tirgu Jiu

Petre Taranu, Adviser of International Relations Dept, PD


Senegal, Socialist Party, PS

Aminata Mbenge Ndiaye, Minister for Family, Social Security and National Solidarity; Vice-President of Socialist International Women


Slovak Republic, Social Democratic Party, SDSS

Rastislav Blasko, Vice-Chair of SDSS Foreign committee


Territories under Palestinian Authority, Palestine, Fatah

Zahran Marouf, Mayor of Qualqiliya

Ilan Halevi, Fatah Permanent Representative to the SI


Tunisia, Constitutional Democratic Assembly, RCD

Amor Bejaoui, Permanent Secretary for Relations with Associations and Organisations


Turkey, Republican People's Party, CHP

Sule Bucak, Deputy General Secretary

Sefa Sirmen, Mayor of Izmit Metropolitan Municipality, Kocaeli

Nail Baki, Advisor to Mayor of Kocaeli


Venezuela, Democratic Action, AD

Benito Urrea, Secretary for Municipal Affairs



European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity

Conny Fredriksson, Secretary General


PES Group of the EU Committee of the Regions

Gianfranco Lamberti, First Vice-President of the PES Group of the COR, Mayor of Livorno

Silvano Cinuzzi, President of ASA Water & Gas Company, City of Livorno


Serbia, Social Democratic League of Vojvodina

Paja Francuski, Mayor of Kikinda

Ivan Vojnovic, Advisor to Deputy Mayor of Novi Sad