The Council of the Socialist International, meeting in Oslo on 18-19 May 1998:

Expresses grave concern at the continued massive violation of human rights, the total denial of basic freedoms and the deepening repressive measures perpetrated by the SLORC/SPDC military regime in Burma;

In particular, condemns the recent attacks on the Karen refugee camps by the DKBA armed groups controlled by the regime, and the extra-judicial killings of 42 Shan ethnic people and the violation of other human rights during the past 13 months in the Shan state by troops belonging to the military Junta;

Notes with deep concern the illegal heavy sentencing given to the democracy activists through unlawful trials conducted by the military authorities before their illegal Kangaroo tribunals and courts;

Welcomes the recent United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), and UNHRC consensus resolutions on Burma;

Notes with great relief the agreement reached last week between the UNHRC and the Thai government stipulating the condition of transparency in the protection of the Burmese refugees in Thailand by the Thai government;

Warmly welcomes the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan's endeavour using his good offices in meeting the Head of the Junta, General Than Shwe, on 17 December 1997, urging him to implement the UNGA resolutions passed consecutively for six years;

Appeals to the UN Secretary General to continue bringing pressure to bear on the military Junta by using his good offices until they make significant advances towards the democratisation of Burma;

Deplores the cynical contempt shown by the Junta for the basic human rights of the Burmese people and for the calls made by the international community to improve its human rights record;

Wholeheartedly calls on the international community to stop the overseas development assistance and to impose trade, tourism, diplomatic and moral sanctions on the military regime until there is genuine progress in democratisation and improvement in the human rights situation in Burma;

Strongly urges the military government in Burma to immediately initiate a substantive tripartite dialogue with the democratic forces led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and ethnic leaders before it is too late to prevent another violent social and political upheaval in Burma, and

Urges the Junta to release all political prisoners and stop all unlawful arrests and illegal sentencings.