Resolution on Indonesia

CONSEJO DE OSLO - Solidaridad Global, 18-19 de mayo de 1998

Original: Spanish

Considering the situation of profound political, economic and moral crisis prevailing in Indonesia, which has caused hundreds of deaths in recent days;

Considering that, in the days to come, mass demonstrations are anticipated throughout the country as a means of pressure to achieve democratic reforms;

Considering the unwillingness of General Suharto's regime to implement such reforms;

The Socialist International calls on the Indonesian authorities to refrain from committing acts of violence against their own people.

In keeping with its principle of actively seeking democracy and peace, the Socialist International expresses its political determination to see a democratic political system established in Indonesia which would allow society to extricate itself from the impasse into which it has been pushed by a dictatorial and nepotistic regime.

At the same time the Socialist International reaffirms its wish to see the situation in East Timor resolved in accordance with international law, by means of the free exercise by the people of East Timor of their right to self-determination.