Resolution on Western Sahara

CONSEJO DE OSLO - Solidaridad Global, 18-19 de mayo de 1998

The Socialist International reaffirms its resolution on Western Sahara adopted at the SI Council in Cape Town on 10-11 July 1995, considering the efforts aimed at finding a just, peaceful and lasting solution to the Western Sahara conflict.

The SI welcomes the outcome of the Houston Agreement which was successfully mediated by the former Secretary of State James Baker III, and calls upon Morocco and the Polisario Front to abide by its letter and spirit.

The SI declares its agreement with the United Nations and the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), on the organisation of a free, fair and transparent referendum on self-determination in accordance with the terms of the peace plan and the Houston Agreement, as accepted by Morocco and Polisario.

The SI appeals to the authorities of MINURSO (Mission of the United Nations in Western Sahara), to ensure the participation of observers and the international press during the different stages of implementation of the peace process and during the referendum.

The SI calls upon Morocco and Polisario to fully cooperate with MINURSO for the holding of a free, fair and democratic referendum for the people of Western Sahara.