Resolution on Equatorial Guinea

Meeting of the Socialist International Africa Committee, Bamako, Mali, 29-30 March 1999

Original: Spanish

The Socialist International Africa Committee, meeting in Bamako, Mali, on 29-30 March 1999, discussed the progress and promotion of democracy in Africa.

In spite of the progress made by democracy in many African countries, the Committee deplored, in particular, the total absence of democratic rules during the recent elections held in Equatorial Guinea on 7 March.

Reiterating its most recent resolutions, the Committee condemns the regime of Teodoro Obiang for its total disregard for democracy and human rights, which he once again demonstrated on this occasion, in a most cruel and vile manner.

It renews its support for the democratic opposition in Equatorial Guinea and especially for the Convergence for Social Democracy, CPDS, whose leaders are subjected to systematic persecution and criminal repression.

It invites member parties to support democracy and the respect of human rights in Equatorial Guinea, and to avoid any form of collaboration with the contemptible dictatorship of Teodoro Obiang.